Consultancy, facilitation & fundraising

After working in senior positions in the arts and third sectors for nearly 15 years, I founded my consultancy (under the banner Emma Collins Consultancy) to support vital and inspiring organisations in the arts, creative, entrepreneurial and social impact sectors (especially in health, disability, youth, women’s and equality sectors). I work alongside them to achieve sustainability and organisational success.


What clients are saying

"On behalf of Black Women Let Loose Theatre Company - Thank you Emma for working with us. We very much valued your time, knowledge and expertise, and your managing to keep us focused! Your coaching enabled us to move our project idea forward by taking us through a great process to develop a Case for Support. We have now come away with a clear plan of action that will help us to fulfil a key aspiration."
"I came to Emma to request assistance on a funding application. She really took the time to understand our organisation and was generous with her extremely effective advice and coached me to be able to deal successfully with similar future projects. She's precise and efficient and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build a case for funding or sponsorship.”
“Emma helped us state concretely our motivation and foundational purpose. She supported us in spelling out for ourselves the implications contained within it: what we needed to prioritise; to start or do more of; to stop or do less of; and how to organize ourselves.”
“Emma is a fantastic facilitator and brought the group together, held everyone’s attention and kept us focused on the task. The event had a real mix of people from funding stakeholders, project staff, partner organisations and clients of the service, Emma ensured everyone’s voice was heard and we all felt our contribution was valued.”
“Emma facilitated some fantastic strategy development sessions a couple of years ago. She led us through some well planned and engaging sessions. It is very hard when you run an organisation to step back and have an outside eye to make the necessary changes to become more focused and strategic but Emma had the knowledge and experience to be that outside eye and it has made a huge difference to the company.

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